A WOMAN came to the rescue of an elderly dog trapped under a cattle grid.

Barbara Jones, 41, did not give it a second thought when she heard barking as she went to bed on Saturday night but when she awoke to the same noise the following morning, she quickly because concerned.

After wandering about the grounds of her home on Wrexham Road, Hope, she was horrified to discover that the noise was a cry for help from a dog, which had slipped between the bars at the entrance to her land.

She struggled to free the animal and, shocked by the poor condition she was in, she immediately took in the dog, which the family have christened Kassie, to give her a bath and some food.

Barbara said: “It broke my heart to see her.

“The poor thing was in such a state sat there covered in sludgy water and leaves and she was obviously in a great deal of shock.

“She’s a very old dog and is in a bad way.

“The vet said she’s underweight, virtually blind and has a heart murmur, which could be due to the trauma or a previous illness.

“I just can’t help thinking she was dumped on the road because of her health problems.”

“I thought she was a fox at first because she’s got a reddish-brown coat.

“Her most distinctive features are a white-tipped tail and she’s got one blue eye and one brown so hopefully her family, if she’s got one, will know her.” But Barbara said her children – David, eight, Katie, six, and Lucy, five were “just so excited when I brought her in”.

She added: “They were obviously very concerned about what had happened to her. I’m a real animal lover and it’s so sad to think of the harrowing ordeal she’s been through. She just needs to be treated to a little bit of home comfort and TLC now.”