TRADERS have raised concerns about proposals to bring buses back to Wrexham’s High Street.

The service stopped in 2009 due to traffic congestion and because bus operators feared they would be fined by the Traffic Commissioner for being unable to meet published timetables as a result.

Traders and members of the Wrexham Town Centre Forum feel the proposals will help boost trade and bridge a perceived divide in the town since the opening of the shopping park.

However, other members of the forum say they found it difficult to see how it would work on a practical level.

Dave Sheridan, of Just Tea and Coffee, High Street, said: “Cars speed down High Street now and I’d worry that if there are buses stopping cars will try to overtake and could cause accidents.

“It could be a counter-productive move as the buses were initially removed as a traffic calming measure. Plus if the road is widened again there will be less chance of getting the markets back on High Street and it would make things harder for businesses along the road who need to receive deliveries.”

Kevin Critchley, manager of Eagles Meadow, claimed one of the biggest problems was the number of spaces for disabled people.

He said: “There are a lot of Blue Badge bays along High Street and I’d worry that, because disabled drivers need extra space to get in and out, it would make things more difficult if there were wide buses going past too.”

Alex Jones, owner of the Bank in High Street, also doubted the logistics of such a move, saying: “A reintroduction of a two way system to incorporate buses would just bring the old problems back.

“The only viable way to make buses on the High Street work would be to make a loop system. We could have one side of the road for parking and the other for the bus lane.”

Town centre manager Isobel Watson pledged to pass their views on to the policy development department and reassured members the idea was still at the discussion stage.

Forum members were told council officers were also meeting bus companies to discuss the matter.