A BUSINESS owner used the bank details of a customer to help pay off thousands of pounds worth of debts, a court heard.

Peter Jones, of Valley Way, Hermitage Park, Wrexham, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of fraud by representation at Wrexham Magistrates Court.

He also admitted 18 other similar offences he had not been formally charged with but will be taken into consideration when sentence is passed.

The 10 charges Jones faced in court related to dishonestly making a false representation that he was Philip Jones and was entitled to use an MBNA card in that name.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, said Peter Jones, 40, was the former owner of the Wrexham-based Northern Glass business and had encountered Philip Jones when he made a payment to the company.

The court heard Peter Jones used Philip Jones’ bank details to commit the offences in January and February this year, which saw a total of £7,880.66 paid on the card to trade companies including Wrexham Trade Frames, Lister Trade Frames and Minera Building Supplies.

His other admitted 18 offences he had not been charged with, included further fraudulent acts towards Philip Jones, as well spending £1,504 belonging to Frank Helligan and £500 to Katherine Hughes.

Stephen Warburton, defending, said Jones had made the payments to help settle the debts of his business when it was in financial trouble and he had not tried to use the money for  personal benefit. The business has since closed and Jones was declared bankrupt in March.

Jones, who had no previous convictions, was said by Mr Warburton to feel he had let himself and his family down by his conduct.

Mr Warburton said Jones had taken it on himself to pay money back to several of the businesses and had also paid £450 compensation to Philip Jones, who was said to have had the debts accrued in this case written off.

“It shows a lot more remorse than I can convey in this court that he’s paid back money to the victims,” said Mr Warburton.

The case was adjourned until July 1 to allow pre-sentence reports to be compiled. Jones was released on unconditional bail.