FEARS are mounting that residents could be fined for parking outside their own homes when Flintshire Council takes control of parking enforcement.

Illegal parking across the county is currently monitored by North Wales Police, but the council is set to take responsibility in the next 12-18 months and receive the money from fines.

Many residents living on Shotton’s narrow streets currently park half on the pavement but will have to park wholly on the road when the new restrictions are enforced.

Councillors in the town, which has been plagued by congestion for years, say scores of motorists will be hit with parking tickets because they have parked their vehicles on faded, out-of-date markings – outside their own homes.

Cllr John Beard said the town’s narrow streets could not accommodate parking on the road.

He told a meeting of Shotton Town Council: “These are Victorian streets not built for cars. Motorists could be told to get off the pavement and park on the road and then an ambulance can’t get down the street. Then we have to find parking spaces elsewhere for 20 or 30 people – it’s ridiculous.”

Flintshire is currently the only authority in North Wales not responsible for enforcement.

The new system, which is subject to approval by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), aims to improve road safety and traffic flow.

Any vehicle found parked in contravention of restrictions will be issued with a penalty charge notice.

Cllr Dave Evans said the top priority was revamping roads with outdated markings before innocent motorists are hit with a ticket.

He said: “I’d like to suggest that each of us goes round our own patch and highlights the restrictions on each road and we put together a comprehensive list.”

Neal Cockerton, head of assets and transportation at Flintshire Council, said work to existing road markings will be undertaken before enforcement commences.

He said: “The council is proceeding with its application to the WAG for civil enforcement powers.

“In conjunction with the application, a review of all signs and markings for existing orders will be carried out to ensure they accord with the regulations and are legally enforceable.

“Remedial works will be programmed to rectify all reported defects before enforcement commences.”

A phased programme to review existing Traffic Regulation Orders to ensure they provide the most effective solution to on-street parking will be launched after the introduction of civil parking enforcement.