A WOMAN who relies on crutches to walk is taking on an 85 foot abseil challenge for charity.

Helen Jones lost the use of her left leg eight years ago after suffering nerve damage, but she is determined not to let her condition limit her ambitions and says she is always pushing herself to the limits.

She believes her ability to overcome new challenges despite her disability boosts her confidence and gives her the motivation that is so vital to her wellbeing.

Now she has signed up to tackle the mighty Trevor Rocks cliff face, near Garth, in a bid to raise money for Hope House Hospice.

She said: “As I can’t walk or run the challenges I tend to look for are usually a bit different, something a bit more unusual that interests me.

“When I saw Hope House’s list of activities and spotted this abseil I just had to sign up.

“I want to be able to prove to myself that I’m still capable and can do it.

“And of course I want to help the kiddies and families at Hope House where they carry out such good work.”

Before her health problems developed, Helen, of Borras, abseiled down the side of the Theatre Clwyd building in Mold but she admits the Trevor Rocks will be difficult in a new way.

“I was frightened to death the last time so I’m hoping I won’t be so scared now.

“But it’ll be harder physically.

“I’ll have to wear a leg brace to protect myself in case I take a knock and I’ll obviously only be able to use one leg to bounce off the wall so I’ve been trying to strengthen my good leg.

“I’m calling it my sponsored hopseil.

“I’ve figured out that the distance is 17 lengths of me and I’ll have to do between 50 and 60 hops before I reach the bottom.

“But I’ve got every faith in the people who’ll be helping me and I’m feeling confident.”

And the 54-year-old believes the strong support of her family and friends will help her get through it on the day.

She added: “I wish I could do more because it’s such a worthy cause.

“But if I can do this then there must be many more things I can try in the future.It is a challenge I am determined to overcome and I hope my story might inspire others to do it with me.”

The abseil challenge will take place on Sunday, July 3, and anyone who wants to take part can call 01691 671 671 or email fundraising@hopehouse.org.uk.