THANKS to a Buckley entrepreneur iPhone owners can now have the X Factor experience.

Will Roberts, who left school with only one qualification, now runs a technology firm from his Buckley home which makes software for the iPhone.

The 33-year-old specialises in celebrity applications known as ‘apps’ with his latest app allowing users to have X Factor announcer Peter Dickson call out their names in his distinctive voice.

Will said: “We thought it was a good idea. The thought was ‘who would not want their name shouted out by Peter Dickson’?

“We got him in the studio and he read out a long script of names and common words. There were about 10,000 in total. You can build a sentence with it and have him introduce you.

“The audio editing took about a week and it took about three weeks to create the app.”

After leaving school at 16, Will started working at a factory before teaching himself to repair computers.

The former Elfed High School pupil then began designing websites and made the transition to making software with his family-run firm Quapps.

Will runs the firm along with wife of four years Andrea, 30, and is helped out by his 15-year-old son Dylan.

The Peter Dickson app was launched in February last year, the same day the couple’s daughter Emily was born.

He said: “When my wife was giving birth I was constantly in and out of the hospital looking at our ranking. It went to number one in the application store the day she was born.”