YOBS have gone on the rampage at a beauty spot.

The vandals destroyed 10 young trees at Greenfield Valley Heritage Park on Sunday night.

The trees, which were snapped in half, were planted in January, 2010 by Flintshire Council at the request of members of transition Holywell and District and residents of Greenfield.

Youngsters from Ysgol Gwenffrwd also helped to plant the trees.

Rob Owen, a spokesman for Transition Holywell and District, said members were sickened to discover the trail of destruction.

He said: “They were part of a general landscaping and planting scheme to enhance the Old Station site area which forms the town entrance to the Heritage Park.

“It's an attractive area with its double-arch stone bridge and should be a great asset to the town. Some of us volunteers keep it clear of litter and carry on a running battle to ensure stray supermarket trolleys are removed.

“It is all the more sickening therefore when this kind of mindless destruction happens.”

The group has been working hard over the years to enhance the area and has arranged for a welcome panel to be installed at the site.

Mr Owen said they will not be deterred by the vandals.

He added: “We think it’s important that the walking route connecting the town centre, the Heritage Park and St Winefride’s Well is made as welcoming and attractive as possible for tourists as well as local people.

“This act of vandalism is very disheartening, but we will not give up.

“The guilty parties, especially if they are young, should realise they are doing themselves no favours as they are the ones who in future will have to deal with the worsening effects of climate change.

“We need as many trees as possible to soak up CO2 emissions, as well as to provide a local source of fuel, food, building materials and essential wildlife habitats.

“Big changes are coming whether we like it or not and this was one of the reasons we got the trees planted in the first place.”

Anyone with information should call North Wales Police on 101.