POLICE have seized thousands of pounds in cash and Class A drugs in a major crackdown on dealers across Wrexham.

In the past few weeks they have mounted six highly successful raids on dealers, confiscating consignments of Class A drugs – including uncut heroin – and cash.

Operations carried out as part of the ongoing Operation Varuna by teams of up to 10 officers include  two in Caia Park, two in Acton and two in the Wrexham town area.

Sgt Darren Jacks, from the neighbourhood policing team in central Wrexham, who helped plan the raids, said: “This is a long-term operation in the area.

“Using intelligence from the local communities and from Crimestoppers we have carried out six successful raids during which drug warrants were executed.

“We have confiscated significant amounts of Class A drugs, including uncut heroin, and cash running into thousands of pounds.

“There have been two significant heroin seizures in excess of £500 each.

“As a result of the raids a number of people have been charged and two are currently on remand.

“In the case of one of the heroin seizures one man was arrested, charged and remanded.”

He added: “The raids show that we take complaints about drug use and supply very seriously.

“We react quickly to information from the community when it is brought to our attention.

“The recent changes in the way the area is policed now means we can be more proactive, with more officers available in one area for operations rather being spread across a wider area.”

Insp Alex Goss, in charge of policing in central Wrexham, said: “These raids show we are taking the issue of drug supply very seriously and how vital it is that we receive good information from members of the public.”

He warned: “There will be more raids to come.”

Insp Goss urged anyone with information about drugs to call Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555111.