A MAN from Wrexham has been cleared of raping a woman he met at a house social.

Mold Crown Court heard the woman initially thought a man in bed with her was her boyfriend.

Barrister Myles Wilson said it was the prosecution case that the woman froze as the man, someone she had earlier seen at a party last August, went on to rape her.

Jason Hamilton, 43, of Oakwood Park, Wrexham, denied rape and sexual assault.

He was found not guilty by a jury of nine men and three women after a 90 minute retirement yesterday afternoon.

Hamilton said he was at a party, there was a queue to use the toilet so he went to an upstairs en-suite.

He was tired, decided to sleep and took his clothes off and got into bed.

It was only when he got into the bed that he realised there was a woman there who he had met at the party.

Hamilton denied she was asleep and said as soon as he got into bed she looked at him and kissed him. She moved her legs which he took her to be promoting sexual activity.

He said he indulged in sexual activity with her consent, but denied intercourse took place.

Mr Wilson said she insisted the police be called and when officers arrived Hamilton said: “I am the culprit.”

Hamilton said he did not remember using the words but he had decided to wait for the police because he had done nothing wrong.

He told them he wanted to save them time.

Simon Mintz, defending, said even on the complainant's version of events the jury could not be sure enough to convict his client of rape.

Intimate swabs were taken but there was no evidence of Hamilton’s DNA.