VANDALS have trashed a children’s play area, leaving toddlers in tears.

The yobs climbed over a fence to get inside the garden at Acton Children’s Centre in Oak Drive and left a trail of destruction in their wake.

They smashed up toys, including small plastic tractors, broke up a shed used to store bikes, threw benches and plant pots around the compound and daubed obscene pictures on painting easels.

Staff say that they and some of the children are now worried the vandals might return and do even more damage.

Donna Jones, who has been on the staff at the centre for five years said: “We found the damage when we came in on Friday morning and it was quite shocking what had been done.

“They smashed up all kinds of toys and the shed where we keep the bikes.

“The smashed up the plastic plantpots and threw them around the garden.

“They also broke up some little wooden benches which the children sit on.

“What is worse is that they painted obscene pictures of a sexual nature on the easels.

“They also got inside the playhouse and left what are probably their initials – ‘IV’ – painted inside.” She added: “We opened on Friday morning but when the children saw what had been done some of them were in tears.

“They are also worried, like some of the staff, that now they know what’s inside the garden, whoever did this might come back and carry out even more damage.

“Nothing was taken – it was just sheer wanton destruction for the sake of it.

“One of the neighbours said they saw three boys getting into the garden over the fence and I believe a picture might have been taken of them.

“The police came in on Friday and are investigating.

“We have been here over 30 years, are a registered charity and cater for children aged two to four-years-old, five days a week.

“We are always fundraising and now parents will have to foot the bill for the damage, which will run into hundreds of pounds.

“Although this is very bad, it won’t stop us opening after cleaning up all the mess.”
Inspector Alex Goss, in charge of policing central Wrexham, said: “The matter is currently under investigation.”