THE OWNER of Wrexham’s now famous white pony has vowed not to give her up – even for £200,000.

Joe Purcell, 68, and Ruby, five, first made headlines when the pair were caught on CCTV trying to board a train at Wrexham General station.

Joe has now revealed he was attempting to get him and his four-legged friend back to Ellesmere Port where the pair are normally based.

Since then they have become regular visitors to the town and are now minor celebrities.

The most recent sighting was yesterday afternoon on Ruthin Road where pedestrians and drivers showed a mixture of excitement and complete confusion.

Joe responded to the attention with friendly waves and warm smiles.

But he soon left the main road and led Ruby up Centenary Road to the AM/PM Convenience Store where he tethered her to a lamp-post and popped inside.

He was then seen leaving the shop and offering Ruby a sip of his beer.

The travelling man, originally from Ireland, claims he loves his pony and would never do anything to harm her.

He said: “She’s my best mate and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”

He also admitted the reason he took Ruby to Wrexham Maelor Hospital was because he believes she is in foal and he wanted her to have a scan to confirm her third pregnancy.

He said: “I’ve had her since she was a foal herself and her mother and father before her. She’s already had two girls – a chestnut coloured one and a black and white one – so I’m hoping this one’s a boy.”

When asked if he would accept an offer from the Cornwall-based charity the Flicka Foundation, which said they would be prepared to offer £200 to give the pony a new home, he said there was not enough money in the world to make him part with her.

Even if I was offered £200,000 I wouldn’t give her up. She’s too precious.

“Anyone who wants to give me any money though should just donate it to Cancer Research or Children in Need.”

The pair were last seen heading back down Ruthin Road towards the town.