PRIZED bulldog worth hundreds of pounds has been snatched from its owner for the second time in six months.

Five-year-old bitch Lucy was originally taken from her home on Chester Road, Dobshill, near Hawarden, in December.

Owner Margaret Williams made an impassioned plea through the Leader for her safe return and was reunited with her pet four days later.

But thieves struck again last week – this time also taking five-month-old male bulldog puppy, Jimbob, thought to be worth around £4,000.

Dog breeder Margaret, 70, says she is “absolutely devastated” and is especially concerned for Lucy who suffers from arthritis and requires daily medication.

She told the Leader: “I think they have been taken because they are worth a lot of money.

“I’m absolutely gutted, especially for the puppy because I bred him myself and have put a lot of time and energy into him.

“I can’t understand how someone could do this.”

Lucy was stolen in December when Margaret left her precious pets out of their kennels to play, but this time thieves forced their way into her home.

Police say the dogs were taken between 6pm and 10.20pm last Thursday.

Margaret, who also owns bitch bulldogs Gemma, 12, Cleo, six, Suki, four, and sisters Verity and Zola, four, was out for the evening.

She said: “I believe they tried the front door and then climbed in through a side window which was open.

“Lucy is a very small bulldog and never grew to full size. I think that is why she was taken.

“They had their choice of other bulldogs in the kennels but the others would have been heavier to carry.”

Margaret, who has been breeding dogs since 1994, is hoping the culprits will have an attack of conscience and bring them home.

“Whoever has taken them, please bring them back to where they belong,” she added.

Lucy is faun in colour with a white chest and is worth about £800.

Jimbob is all white with red patches on his eyes and a red tip on his tail.

Anyone with information on the missing dogs can call PC Becca Roberts on 101 and quote crime reference RC11081175.