THE spot where a young mother has chosen to bring up her children could be considered a bit of a drag.

A blue tit built a nest in the cigarette disposal box outside an office on Wrexham Industrial Estate and recently hatched out about half a dozen chicks.

The little family home is attached to the wall of the headquarters of the Wales Air Ambulance on Blackwood Business Park.

Manager Anna Evans said: “We first noticed the nest a few days ago.

“Our lottery manager Dixie McNeil went out there to have a peep inside and noticed the blue tit was looking after some chicks.

“We don’t know how many there are because you can only just make out the tops of their heads.”

She added: “At first we were a bit worried about the nest being in the smoker’s box because we don’t want the family disturbed by anyone trying to stub out a cigarette in there – but then we realised that we only had two smokers in the building one of whom had left and the other had given up.”

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said: “Birds can find some odd places to make their nests.

“I heard of a case in which a robin had nested in the pocket of someone’s jacket hanging up on a washing line.

“But I haven’t personally heard of one choosing a smoker’s box before.

“I am glad to hear there are no smokers going to be using it.”