A FURIOUS community leader has threatened to call for a judicial review if Wrexham Council fails to give top priority to tackling a dangerous road in his area.

Rossett councillor Hugh Jones made his angry pledge after learning that a new council policy to tame some of Wrexham’s most hazardous roads has placed the B5102, from Rossett to Llay, second from bottom of a priority list of 30.

Cllr Jones says this is despite residents raising three petitions in the past five years demanding action to make it safe.

He also claims that it is so dangerous that pedestrians and cyclists are too terrified to use it.

At a meeting on Wednesday the council’s environment and regeneration scrutiny committee approved a new four-year plan to control speed limits on urban, rural and village roads across the county.

Cllr Jones is not a member of the committee but was allowed to voice his concerns about the low priority given to the B5102.

But after members voted to accept the plan he told traffic officers after the meeting that it was “flawed” and “an outrage” to the people of Rossett.

They agreed to meet him to discuss his concerns.

Cllr Jones told the Leader: “I am very angry at the low priority given to the road, which was only designed to take local traffic but has become a main feeder route to Llay Industrial Estate with juggernauts thundering down there at 60mph.

“It has houses along it but there is no pavement on one side and the pavement that there is is below the standard width for that type of road.

“It also contains a nursery with a blind entrance.

“It is so dangerous that pedestrians and cyclists are too terrified to use it.

“Residents are also terrified when they come out of their driveways on to the road.

“I assumed that in the review such a road would be given a high degree of priority but is hasn’t.

“There isn’t even a timescale given for when it might be looked at.”

He added: “The officers have agreed to meet me to discuss my concerns. If I am not satisfied by what they say I will go for a judicial review.”

The report, which went before Wednesday’s meeting, stated: “In September 2010, the Executive Board agreed a proposed methodology for the prioritisation and implementation of the speed limit review in Wrexham, subject to the availability of funding.”