A MEDIUM is looking for new members to join the hunt for friendly and not so friendly ghosts.

As a member of the North Wales Paranormal Group, Mike Griffiths tours Wrexham and the wider region in search of spirits who might be making friends or a nuisance of themselves in the world of the living.

And he says his organisation’s success rate is so good it now needs new members to help widen its scope.

The group responds to calls from the public who report paranormal activity in their homes and it also visits well-known haunted properties on a grander scale, counting Penryn Old Hall and Talacre Lighthouse among its list of satisfied customers.

Mike, from Llay, said: “We get calls from all over the place – not just from those you’d expect either, like ancient manors or stately homes.

“We get contacted by lots of people living in council houses, especially in Caia Park, and private homes.

“We’ve even carried out investigations at Off the Cuff and W H Smith in Wrexham.

“Whenever we get a call, we’ll do our best to look into it, especially when there’s children involved.

“A lot of the time it’s just squeaking floorboards or an old house settling, but people also report seeing strange lights and unexplainable shadows or figures in their homes.

“When we first arrive, they’re often clearly scared and will be shaking, so our first job is to put them at ease and reassure them that we’re professional and here to help.”

The team then uses specialist equipment – including an electro-magnetic field or K2 monitor, which detects disturbances, infra-red cameras and voice recorders – in an attempt to detect the existence of a spirit.

Mike said: “We use the LED lights on the K2 to have conversations with the spirits by asking them to respond to yes and no questions.

“And although we have a brilliant track record with removing unwanted spirits, you can never get anybody to do something they don’t want to do and that includes asking a spirit to leave. The best experience we had was at Fitz Manor, near Oswestry, where we spent all night speaking to spirits.

“The next morning the owners let us into the locked chapel and the names on the commemorative plaques matched what we got the night before.

“It was amazing and the owners said we had done even better than the Most Haunted team.”

Mike says he appreciates that not everyone will believe in what the group does.

But he added: “A lot of people who get in touch have always been complete sceptics about the paranormal but we always say it often takes experiencing these things first hand to make people believe.”

Anyone interested in joining the hunt can call Mike on 01978 854984 or email mike@northwalesparanormalgroup.co.uk