A PARK has been hit by arson attacks and had paint splattered on its bowling green.

Now angry residents near Bellevue Park are calling on Wrexham Council to reverse its decision to leave the park gates open at night, which they have blamed for the increase in attacks.

A member of a crimewatch group in the Bellevue Park area, who does not want to be named, claims there have been three arson attacks, including one which led to the community centre’s doors catching firre, in one month, and vandals poured
white gloss paint onto the park's bowling green.

The woman, a regular park user and resident in the Bradley Road area, added: “The park might not be perfect but we’ve never had fires or vandalism on this scale before.

“And it’s all been in the month since the council started leaving the gates unlocked at night at the end of March.

“Something bad’s happening every week.”

She is now calling for the council to reconsider its decision, which she believes is simply a cost-cutting measure, to leave the park open to the public at night.

She added: “The community feels the council now has a responsibility to stop this from happening.”

North Wales Fire and Rescue confirmed firefighters were called to a bin fire at Bellevue Park on Monday, May 2, which it is believed was started deliberately and later spread to the doors of the community centre.

And on April 20 they were called at around 9.30pm after plastic seats in the playground were set alight.

Inspector Alex Goss, of North Wales Police, acknowledged residents were reporting a growing problem at the park.

He said: “There have been quite a few incidents now and residents believe it revolves around the fact that the park warden no longer locks the gates.

“North Wales Police will be holding a meeting with the local authority and the park warden to discuss what’s going to be done.”

Martin Howarth, parks and countryside rights of way manager for Wrexham Council said: “Wrexham Council is aware of the recent incidents at Bellevue Park and we are taking a number of steps to deter this kind of behaviour.

“We want members of the public to enjoy and feel safe in Bellevue Park and we will continue to work with the police to ensure this remains the case. We encourage anyone who has witnessed any incidents to contact the police.”