A MOTHER has spoken for the first time about the incident which led to two teachers being dismissed from her son’s school.

Luke Casey, seven, has special needs and memory problems, and was allegedly grabbed by two teachers after he refused to return to class at Hafod y Wern Primary School, Wrexham.

His mother Deborah, 32, has said she is happy the teachers are no longer at the school and supports the dismissal of deputy head Deborah Ellis, of Mold, and another teacher after a three month probe.

Deborah said: “It has been very upsetting. I complained to the police about the matter and they showed me CCTV footage. It was very disturbing.

“All Luke knew is that he did not like the two teachers and he could not remember what had happened to him. By the time he had gone home he had forgotten what had gone on. All he could remember was that he did not like them.

“When the bell went to go back after lunch he did not want to go to class, he ran on the grass and then they dragged him. They both grabbed him by the arm, one on each side.”

A spokesman for the National Union of Teachers, who confirmed one of the teachers was a member, questioned the decision to dismiss the pair and said the action involved Luke being moved to a place of safety.

Miss Casey, who has three other children, refuted claims her son could have run out onto the road and said the school gates were locked.

She said: “He wanted to stay out in the yard, it was because of his condition, it is just the way he is. If I would have done that to him I would have had all my children taken off me.

“Luke is still at the school. They have a reward scheme if he goes to class and that is working.

“I am happy the teachers are no longer at the school. The headmaster, I cannot fault. He keeps an eye on him now.”

Ms Ellis’ Wrexham-based solicitor, Tudor Williams, described her treatment by the school’s governors as grossly unfair and he has filed a case of unfair dismissal.

He described the treatment as “massively out of proportion to her actions”.

Ms Ellis, who was dismissed in February, was in charge on that day, June 15, 2010, because the headteacher, Simon Edwards, was away on training and an assistant head was off sick.