HISTORICAL inaccuracies have been discovered on a newly unveiled sculpture.

The inaccuracies have been found on tiles at the bottom of the sculpture outside Morrison’s supermarket in Saltney.

The tiles, which show the history of the town, refer to Saltney Mines instead of Saltney Marshes, Bramley Lane instead of Boundary Lane, while the names of former owners of a butcher shop and chip shop located next to each other have been mixed up.

GCSE art students at St David’s High School took part with an artist, Saltney Town Council and local historians to produce the tiles.

The council has now received a number of complaints from residents about the inaccuracies.

Cllr Klaus Armstrong-Braun, a governor at the school said it could cost £1,000 to replace the tiles.

He said: “These are schoolchildren who made a massive effort over six months and did wonderful work. It could put the kids off doing something like this in the future.

“We are not interested with people trying to find fault.”

Saltney mayor Veronica Gay said the children were not to blame and that no one adult was at fault.

She said: “It is an error that has occurred. Proof reading should have been done.

“The children have done a good job and put so much effort in. They have been guided by adults.

“It is up to adults to make sure they were guided properly.”

Cllr Gay said the sculpture was still unfinished but that due to funding shortages no plan had been put in place to rectify the error.

Neville Shallcross, chairman of Saltney and Saltney Ferry History Group said the mix up involving the shop owners was a “slip of the tongue” when a group member gave a talk to the children, but was unaware of the other mistakes.

He said: “The children have done a wonderful job and the artist has done a wonderful job.

“The other mistakes were spelling mistakes. I would have thought after it was written, it would have been checked.”

Tony Davidson, headteacher at the school, said: “These are 14-year-olds and they worked with the historical society to try and get historical accuracy. The production of the tiles took place off site by a third party. We did not take part in that.”