A CHILDREN’S play area was evacuated after a chemical spill.

Six fire engines attended after an articulated lorry spilt the chemical, believed to be dry cleaning fluid, at the Bromfield Industrial Estate, Mold.

Crews spent more than four hours at the scene clearing up the spillage on Friday morning.

A specialist incident response unit and environmental protection unit were also present.

Staff from the Fantastic Fun House adventure playground next door were evacuated and said if the spill had occurred later in the morning there would have been children inside.

A senior staff member, who asked not to be named, said the first staff at the play area knew about the spill was when fire engines appeared outside the building.

An ambulance crew was on standby following the spill on Stephen Gray Road, where the play area is situated. The gates to the road were closed by emergency services but the rest of the industrial estate remained open.

Witnesses told the Leader dry cleaning fluid was spilled, although North Wales Fire and Rescue Service would not confirm this.

A spokesman said: “The back of an articulated lorry was discovered to be leaking. We carried out decontamination and put all contaminated equipment and leakage into an oversized drum.”

Environment Agency Wales said it was informed of the incident by the fire service but was not asked to take any action.

North Wales Ambulance Service was called shortly after 9am, sending an officer and an emergency ambulance.

Crews were advised patients had already made their own way to hospital and they did not need to assist.