A BUCKLEY woman gave friends and family a fond farewell with a ‘goodbye dinner’ after 25 years of helping others.

May Parry, 70, decided it was time to call it a day on her job as a sheltered housing warden, and did it in style by hosting an event people will remember for years to come.

Mrs Parry has worked in sheltered housing for just over 25 years as a resident warden.

She said: “It’s been fantastic but it had to end eventually, I can’t keep going forever.

“I have absolutely loved it, the whole thing has been a great experience but it needs to end eventually and I thought now would be the best time.”

The event, to which about 70 people were invited, was a fitting end to May’s career and included a buffet, some music and the showing of a collection of photographs that Mrs Parry took on the annual holiday on which she accompanied residents.

“It was quite sad as some faces were missing, but we celebrated for them.”

Looking back, Mrs Parry was happy with how her career unfolded.

“It was all about giving them a good quality of life, that’s what I found most rewarding.

“I have always found gaining people’s friendship and respect is the best way, it really helps you connect with them.

“I have had lots of support over the years, the council has really helped me when I needed them.”

She also spoke about how the sheltered schemes have changed over the years.

“Sheltered accommodation has changed a lot since I started but the attitudes have stayed the same, everyone is so committed.

“I think the technological side has been really improved, it has made everything better.”

She added: “I have really enjoyed it, I wanted to give something back and I feel I have.

“It’s the end of an era, the book will be closed on my career and I can concentrate on my family.”