THE Flintshire Banksy has struck again.

The mystery artist, who goes by the name Random, has left his mark on the side of the The Stag Inn, in Bagillt.

Random’s latest portrait is of an old miner, who is believed to be a former worker in the Bettisfield Colliery.

The black and white stencilled drawing, dubbed The Miner, is the latest offering in Random’s Flintshire industries collection, which are inspired by the old working class industries in the county.

The Stag Inn landlord Mark Marshall is one of the lucky few to have met the elusive artist.

He said: “This chap came into the pub and introduced himself as an artist, he showed me some of his work and asked me if he could put something on the pub,
so I said ‘go on then’.

“He told me about the project he was doing about the history of Flintshire focusing on the working class industries and showed me where he had done different portraits.”

Keen to keep Random’s identity under wraps, Mr Marshall is remaining tight-lipped about who he really is.

“He is Mr Random and that’s all I can say,” he added.

Mr Marshall, who only took over the pub a week ago, said he was approached by Random last Wednesday and by Sunday morning the portrait was on the side of the pub.

It took Random three hours to transfer the image on to the wall and it is already proving a big hit with customers.

Mr Marshall added: “It’s very good – I’ve said he can put some more up if he wants to. We have had a lot of people coming to see it and take photos and everyone in the village is saying how great it is.

“There is even one bloke in the village who knew who the old miner was.”

Bagillt Councillor Mike Reece is very impressed with Random’s latest offering. He said: “I think it looks really good – it’s a bit of history of the village.”

Random first hit the headlines two years ago when his intricate portraits started to appear on buildings and objects across the county.

Previous masterpieces have included The Courtald’s Girls, The Steelworker and The Salmon Fisherman.

If you have seen Random’s work across the county call reporter Hayley Collins on 01352 707746 or email