FINISHING touches are being put to a plan to transform Flintshire’s biggest town.

The 10-year plan for Buckley includes improving the High Street, strengthening the local economy, improving leisure and community facilities and the overall look of the town and attracting a second supermarket.

The plans, developed by Urban Practitioners for Flintshire Council and Buckley Town Partnership, were on display at Buckley Library in January for a two-week public consultation.

More than 200 people viewed the proposals which are now being finalised before securing investment.

Buckley councillor Ron Hampson said: “The sooner we can get a finished plan the better. There is a lot of interest in the town. We badly need a new supermarket.

“The consultation raised a lot of excitement.

“Buckley is a big place with 17,000 people and another 1,000 houses on the way in the next couple of years. We badly need the facilities. The supermarket is the first step in the plan.”

Cllr Hampson said securing investment could be difficult but if developers were interested in the plan then money would follow.

Anthony Benson, a director at Urban Practitioners, said the plans could put Buckley on the map.

Proposals include a ‘leisure quarter’ on Mold Road, sites for new homes, which could become one-way, a regular market and a relocation of the library, which could result in an expansion of the precinct.

Dave Heggarty, head of Regeneration for Flintshire Council, said: “The Buckley Partnership commissioned Urban Practitioners to prepare a masterplan for Buckley Town Centre.

“Following a very successful public consultation exercise, when more than 200 people viewed the plan, Urban Practitioners are now completing the plan prior to a report back to Buckley Town Partnership and Flintshire Council (in its role as a major landowner).

“It is then hoped that the partnership will be able to secure a significant investment in the town centre.”

A spokesman for Buckley Town Council said: “The next stage of the planning process is the land assembly element, this will determine which option can be put before developers.

“The county council is the majority landowner here and will start immediate discussions with the other relevant landowners to establish who, and on what terms, they may wish to be involved.”