A YOUNG mum has pleaded guilty to four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

Kelly Leech, of Wrexham, admitted failing her two pet dogs after the RSPCA claimed the animals were found “emaciated” and living in “filthy conditions”.

The 23-year-old appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Thursday morning where Mr Glen Murphy prosecuting, detailed Miss Leech’s mistreatment of her brown and white Staffordshire bull terriers Rosie and Misty.

He said: “RSPCA Inspector Chris Dunbar went to Miss Leech’s property at Coed Aben on November 19, accompanied by an animal welfare officer, and they found the dogs in the back yard.

“He said the dogs were very thin and the animals’ ribs, back bone and pelvic bones were clearly visible. The animals were shivering and their stomach’s were tucked in.

“Their baskets were inadequate and lacked bedding and there was a large amount of faeces and urine which had not been cleaned up.”

The court heard that, as the local vet was unable to attend until late in the afternoon, the police were called and officers seized the animals which were then taken to Ellesmere Port for treatment.

There, the animals were found to be in the lowest weight category and were officially described as emaciated. Mr Murphy added that the animals ate “ravenously” as soon as they were fed.

Amy Shearer, defending, said Miss Leech, who has a young daughter, had struggled to take proper care of the animals on her own because she was struggling financially and dealing with a number of personal problems following the break-up of her relationship.

She said: “She was a single mother at the time and was depressed. She would struggle to get out of bed in the morning but, although she stayed with her mum for a while, she did try to get back to her house to the dogs.”

In a statement read out in court, Miss Leech expressed her remorse at the ill-treatment of the dogs.

She said: “I hope the dogs go on to have a better life and I am very sorry for what has happened.”

The case was adjourned until Monday for pre-sentence reports.