AN ANGRY village resident says he and his neighbours are being subjected to a catalogue of anti-social behaviour by members of a popular youth club.

The club, which meets on two evenings a week at the village’s facelifted community centre, re-opened last October after being closed for a number of years due to staffing problems.

Since its revival the number of youngsters from Tanyfron and surrounding areas using it has shot up.

But this has led to problems for people living close to the centre, according to one resident.

The man, who does not want to be named for fears of reprisals, said: “Since the club re-opened Monday and Wednesday nights have become a nightmare.

“We have all kinds of anti-social behaviour, including rocks being thrown against doors and windows, cars being damaged and violent threats.

“I’ve had someone throwing rocks at my windows while my baby has been asleep inside.

“They are targeting my home because they know I have reported them to the police.
“But it can take the police a while to respond.”

Local county councillor Paul Rogers said: “I know there have been a number of incidents since the club re-opened but these have been caused by a minority of people at the club.

“In a way the club has become a victim of its own success, with about 50 people going along to one session.

“Questions have to be raised therefore whether it is sufficiently staffed.”

A spokeswoman for Wrexham Council, which runs the club, said: “The Youth Service is aware that there have been incidents of anti-social behaviour involving young people in Tanyfron and has been working closely with the police and residents to address these.

“The majority of young people who attend the club are actively engaged and cause no problems.

“Unfortunately there appears to be a minority who are causing problems for local residents and the youth service understands how distressing this can be.”

Inspector Paul Jones said: “The gentleman has been given a full update and advice from a local sargeant. We are actively seeking to combat anti-social behaviour in all areas of the district and will continue to do so.”