TWO months of roadwork misery is finally at an end for villagers.

But while welcomed by some, the road improvements have been branded “dangerous” by others.

Last week Flintshire Council switched the lights on at the new crossing in High Street, Northop.

Recent weeks have seen complaints about gridlock on the street but the completion has created a new crossing that community leaders hope will increase road safety.

Northop councillor Marion Bateman said: “All this work is definitely of benefit to Northop.

“There has been a push for this crossing for about five or six years.

“This will help us increase road safety.” Improvements including introducing new flower planters, new railings and changing the location of the High Street’s bus stop are also being made.

But not everyone is impressed with the changes.

Carol Jones, manager of Brookfield Garage, said the changes made close to the garage’s entrance and exit off Northop High Street were an “accident waiting to happen”.

The business originally had a bus slip lane directly outside the entrance, but it has been replaced by a footpath close to neighbouring junctions and lanes.

“I really fear an accident is going to happen because of the changes that have been made,” said Miss Jones.

“We have traffic coming from all directions and pedestrians walking past. It is very dangerous.”

But Cllr Tony Sharps, Flintshire Council’s executive member for environment, said the garage’s views were at odds with the response of most of the Northop community.

“I firmly believe the safety has improved,” he said.

“The rest of the people I have spoken to in the village are very pleased about the changes that have been made.”

Neal Cockerton, Flintshire Council’s head of assets and transportation, said the council’s traffic service manager had met the garage owners over the issue.

He added that a ‘road safety audit’ was due to be carried out, which would consider all safety aspects of the new road layout.

“Any recommendations resulting from the RSA will be considered for implementation,” he added.