A KITCHEN was severely damaged by a fire caused by an overheated chip pan.

Fire crews from Wrexham were called to the scene of the blaze at a house in Alwen, Plas Madoc, at 7.40pm on Friday.

Station manager Tony Jones, who was in charge of the incident, said at the scene:
“When we arrived the place was full of smoke but the fire alarm had activated and alerted the person inside.

“He put out the fire on his own before we got here.

“He was sufering from the effects of inhaling smoke and was taken by ambulance to Wrexham Maeor Hospital to be checked over.

“It looks as though a chip pan overheated and caught fire.

“This incident shows the importance of having a working smoke alarm.”

On Saturday morning the occupant of the house, 31-year-old John Morris, said: “I had a friend staying with me and at the time the fire started I was out at the shop.

“My friend went upstairs and left the chip pan on the cooker.

“I came back to find fire brigade here.”

He said the main thing was that his friend, who he didn’t want to name, was not hurt.

“He was checked over at the hospital but allowed home straight away.”

He added: “The kitchen is in a terrible state.

“The walls are all blackened by smoke and I now have nothing left to cook on as the cooker, the microwave and even my portable grill have all been destroyed.

“The smoke has also affected the other rooms in the house.”