CHILDREN have been given their own protected place to play.

A ‘Play Priority’ area has been created at Idwal, Plas Madoc.

Under the scheme, ‘Play Priority’ signs are put up to identify appropriate areas within a community where children are safe and actively encouraged to play.

The creation of the play space at Idwal arises from the transformation of a former demolition area.

The project originated from consultation carried out with children and young people in Plas Madoc.

Those questioned said they wanted and needed to feel valued in the community.

Children said the ‘no ball games’ signs common on walls and grassed areas on the estate made them feel unwelcome in the community.

Staff from Plas Madoc Communities First have consulted all the residents in Idwal by calling at homes and sending out letters and questionnaires.

A spokesman for Plas Madoc Communities First said: “The Play Priority signs are a welcoming sight for parents, young people and children in the community and contribute to the play opportunities we aim to provide in Plas Madoc.”

The Play Priority programme is a joint project involving Plas Madoc Communities First, the community of Plas Madoc, Wrexham County Borough Council’s play development team and the local housing office.