SPECIAL school pupils have been left heartbroken after vandals trashed their greenhouse.

More than 40 youngsters from Ysgol Maes Hyfryd, Flint, worked tirelessly to create an eco-friendly greenhouse from plastic bottles.

Weeks after it was completed the building’s walls have been knocked through and hundreds of bottles strewn across the school field.

Based on Fifth Avenue, Ysgol Maes Hyfryd opened in 2009 for secondary schoolchildren with additional education needs.

Teacher Glenys Roberts, who led the greenhouse project, branded the incident “vandalism for the sake of vandalism”.

“I just feel disbelief that someone wanted to do this to the greenhouse,” she said.

“There was absolutely no gain for them out of it.

“Because we are a special school the pupils have to work that much harder to achieve something and they had done a very good job.

“Some of our students are quite angry about this after so much work went into it.”

More than 1,400 bottles were placed in the greenhouse, with the students having
also been looking to start planting seeds for a sensory garden as the school develops its eco policies.

But time is now being spent repairing the damage before progress can be made on the projects.

“We are all determined to rebuild it and the rebuilding process has already begun,” added Mrs Roberts.

“We are trying to reinforce it to make this less likely to happen again.

“I hope the people responsible think of how upsetting this is and don’t do it again.”

The damage occurred on Tuesday March 29, at about 8.30pm.

Mrs Roberts believes the vandals might have deliberately cycled into the greenhouse to cause the damage.

Flint Trelawny councillor Ted Evans said there had been previous problems with youths congregating on the field between Ysgol Maes Hyfryd and neighbouring Flint High School.

“It is heartbreaking people feel the need to do this,” he said.

“This is particularly sad because the children who go there will have put in a lot of effort to create the greenhouse and will be very upset by it.

“Some people seem to enjoy the sound of breaking glass and if they see something new they have to cause damage to it.”

Anyone with information about the vandalism is urged to contact North Wales Police on 101 or 0845 607 1002.