CYCLISTS in Deeside are being hit with on-the-spot fines for riding on the pavement.

Police issued 26 fixed penalty notices of £30 last week as part of a clampdown on those who flout the law.

Officers launched a major crackdown last year after a constant stream of complaints from shopkeepers and elderly pedestrians.

Sgt Tony Heaword said cycling on pavements will never be completely eradicated but police continue to take the offence seriously.

“It is not something we really like doing because we don’t want to alienate people, but it’s something people are asking for and it’s something we’re trying to enforce,” he told a meeting of Shotton Town Council.

“Hopefully our officers will be seen out and about issuing tickets and it will discourage other people from doing it. We won’t ever eradicate it completely but we could reduce the numbers by one or two.”

Sgt Heaword said under-16s caught breaking the rules will be cautioned with a ‘yellow card’, while adults will be given fixed penalty notices.

Shotton West Cllr Ann Minshull welcomed the tighter enforcement.

She said: “Pedestrians have been knocked down by cyclists in Shotton so I’m thankful something has been done about it.”