BOY racers who filmed themselves speeding around a shopping centre car park have been slammed for their “reckless behaviour”.

Footage posted on video sharing website YouTube shows the passenger of a GTi car filming out of the window as the driver pushes the vehicle to top speeds in the
Eagles Meadow multi-storey car park in Wrexham.

In the film clip, which lasts more than a minute, the view from out of the window speeds past at a frightening pace and, although it appears to have been shot at night, the car park is evidently still in regular use as there are a substantial number of cars parked in the bays.

Cllr Keith Gregory, representative for the Smithfield ward where Eagles Meadow is situated, said: “To me this sounds terrible and needs stopping straight away.

"This is an incredibly dangerous thing to be doing as that car park is a very busy place.

“The car park is not under the direct control of the council but is run on behalf of Eagles Meadow by a private company.

“However, I will speak to the manager at Eagles Meadow and demand that something is done about this immediately.”

James Baker, of Wrexham, a former professional racing car driver and parent criticised the youngsters’ lack of concern for others.

He said: “They are recklessly endangering other people just to play with their car. They may think they are in complete control of their vehicle but children are unpredictable and you never know when they could run out in front of the car.

“It’s also dangerous because cars can leak petrol or diesel and if they were to have an accident, because it’s a private car park, it may not be covered on their insurance.

“I would say to the drivers – if you want to go racing go to a proper race track.”
The car park is owned by Eagles Meadow but leased out to parking management company Vinci.

A spokesman for Eagles Meadow expressed concern that this kind of behaviour was taking place at the centre.

He said: “I’m surprised to hear that this has been going on and have not heard of the problem before.

“But we do not approve of, or condone, any such behaviour which could endanger our customers or any other members of the public.”

A Vinci Park UK Limited spokesman said: “We are not aware of a complaint in relation to this footage.”