FUEL protesters have been branded “selfish” for planning to stage a go-slow along a notorious traffic blackspot.

A lobby group has set a date for the event on the A55 in a protest against rocketing fuel prices.

But Flintshire Council’s deputy leader Tony Sharps, who is also chairman of transport body Taith, blasted the proposal amid fears it would cause horrendous tailbacks.

Cllr Sharps said the event, threatens to plunge Flintshire’s major roads into traffic chaos.

He said: “I do not support the protest down the A55 because it’s going to create tremendous and serious implications for fellow road users.

“By doing this selfish protest it’s not going to gain support for reducing the price of fuel.”

Cllr Sharps believes protesters should raise their concerns through the Government rather than causing disturbance to businesses and people going on holiday.

“It’s going to totally block off North Wales and is completely inconsiderate and selfish,” he said.

The protest is one of several organised in recent months by Hawarden businessman Ian Charlesworth, with a 24-hour protest also planned outside Stanlow on April 15 and 16.

Mr Charlesworth has defended the protest plans and said he will keep organising go-slows until the price of fuel is reduced.

He said: “The general public is very supportive – every time we protest we get more people coming on board.

“I do apologise to the public caught up in this but we are doing it for the whole country. Council leaders and police have to realise we’re doing this to get our message across.”

The protest is planned to meet at 11.30am on Sunday May 8, at Chester Service Station with various pick up points along the way as vehicles drive very slowly in convoy along the A55 to Rhyl.

A Facebook page dubbed A55 Go Slow Fuel Protest Chester to Rhyl has been set up to boost participation.

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