ARSONISTS have been branded “irresponsible” after throwing aerosol cans into a fire at a Wrexham beauty spot.

The reckless youngsters then posted a clip on video sharing website You Tube dubbed Fire Goes Boom.

The shocking film shows a large blaze in a heavily wooded area of Alyn Waters Country Park.

A description attached to the video suggests the yobs had been throwing aerosol cans into the fire.

One of the youngsters can clearly be heard shouting “it’s going to go boom” seconds before an explosion in the flames.

The description reads: “Me and my mates messing about in Alyn Waters, Wrexham by putting deodourant in fires.”

The 24 second clip was posted on Wednesday, but it is not clear when the incident occurred.

Fire chiefs say they had not been called to the area recently, but say the youngsters are putting themselves and others in danger.

A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “People may not realise just how dangerous aerosol canisters can be.

“Both the aerosol product and propellant can be highly flammable, so great care should be taken when using them.

“Direct heat on an aerosol can quickly result in flames which take you by surprise, risking serious harm or damage to property. Putting a canister on a fire can cause the canister itself to shoot out and cause injury.

“Deliberately setting fire to an aerosol canister is irresponsible – not only are you putting yourself at risk of serious injury but endangering the lives of others, including firefighters, not to mention the risk to property and the environment.

“In dry weather such as that experienced recently, grass and wooded areas could ignite quickly with flames easily spreading to large areas, tying up our resources unnecessarily.

“We have attended incidents where an aerosol canister has caught fire after being exposed to the heat of a flame, causing rapid spread of fire within a property and endangering life.”

Gwersyllt Councillor Arfon Jones, lead member for children and young people, added: “What these children are doing is very dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before someone is badly injured or worse and I would call on parents to make sure that their children are not involved.

“I would also ask that police, fire service and detached youth workers to increase the work they are doing to divert children away from dangerous activities such as this.”