NANNERCH residents came out in force to say goodbye to their GP who is retiring after more than 30 years.

For more than three decades, Dr Stephen Murray Lloyd, 56, a staunch advocate of extended rural practice surgeries, has provided a twice weekly surgery in the village, together with a dispensing pharmacist.

Residents say Dr Lloyd, a partner of Bodowen Surgery, Holywell, will be sadly missed.

Susie Williams, a patient, former colleague and a friend of Dr Lloyd, said he had been a wonderful GP for the village.

She said: “I was the nursing sister at Nannerch Hall when it was a nursing home and Stephen came twice a week without fail. He gave us support, professional help and friendly understanding.

“He is simply marvellous and always treated his patients as friends and not just as a ‘number’.

She added: “During his time at Holywell, and as our village GP, he has done so much work above and beyond the call of duty.

“He was even nominated by a patient a few years ago and gained joint second prize in the annual Welsh GP of The Year, quite an accolade. We do wish Stephen and his civil partner, Tim Lloyd, a long and happy retirement together.”

Dr Lloyd says he is sad to be leaving so many friends in the village but is looking forward to putting his stethoscope and thermometer away.

He said: “I have loved every minute of my time as GP for Nannerch. It’s a wonderful village and I will always have fond memories of my time here.

“I’m looking forward to spending time with my partner, Tim, and doing some serious travelling.”