THERE has been a “phenomenal” response to an advice leaflet written by a cancer sufferer before she died.

Megan Elizabeth Fletcher, 21, died after a 16-month battle with refractory Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May last year.

Before she died the student dedicated time to writing advice to those suffering with cancer on a practical level.

Her proud mum Fiona Fletcher, of Wern, Bersham, then collated the advice into a leaflet called ‘My Name is NOT Cancer’.

She has sent out 5,000 copies to places all around the country including doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, youth services and palliative care centres.

Nightingale House Hospice is also looking to incorporate the leaflet into their programme.

Speaking about the success of the leaflet, Fiona said: “The response has been phenomenal.”

The message of the leaflet, which includes original work from Megan, is to give positivity and empowerment to any cancer patient regardless of age, gender or belief.

But Fiona said even people not affected by the disease have been inspired by the information.

“It’s so exciting and new and seems to have struck a chord with a number of different people dealing with cancer and anybody facing adversity.”

“It teaches people how to cope and it’s unique. You might be facing a serious illness but you still have to live.”

Fiona has also set up a website which is a resource for everybody and has also enjoyed a “remarkable response”.

Megan had started her studies into a three-year degree in human biosciences at the University of Plymouth in September 2008.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer in January 2009 Megan continued with her studies and completed the first year of her course.

Her family – mum Fiona, dad Ian and sister Becky, later accepted a posthumous degree - an Aegrotat Bachelor of Science Human Biosciences – on what would have been Megan’s 22nd birthday.

The leaflet is available for PDF download from or organisations can buy paper copies of the leaflet at 10p each plus postage and packaging.