THE controversial plans of a farmer who wants to fuel hundreds of homes with cow dung has sparked a major public debate.

Richard Tomlinson of Lodge Farm, Commonwood, Holt, wants to extend the capacity of the anaerobic digester at his farm and claims the proposals would enable the facility to generate enough power for 500 homes.

Wrexham planners have refused the application, but Mr Tomlinson says he will not give up the fight and is now planning to launch an appeal.

The idea has split opinion among Leader readers with one claiming Lawrence Isted, the council’s chief planning officer who explained the council’s concerns about the impact on the countryside, had double standards when deciding which planning applications were given the green light.

‘Boycs’ said: “The reasons quoted by Isted didn’t seem to have the same bearing when he approved the Tesco in Cefn or the Sainsburys on the Wynnstay Park – what about the appearance of the countryside, highway safety and disturbance to neighbours there?”

‘A cahill’ posted: “If the council is serious about green energy and carbon reduction then they will have to allow for innovative small schemes such as this one.”

Although in favour of the idea in principle, ‘penyffordd_district’ was not convinced Mr Tomlinson’s farm was the best place for the project .

“This project should be sited on Wrexham Industrial Estate. That is why industrial processes are placed all together in one place – an example of good planning.
“Wrexham Council's stance is correct and to be commended.”