A FUEL protest is set to take place at a secret location tonight.

Members of the Fuel Protest UK group will meet at Halfords’ car park on Caldy Valley Road, Great Broughton, Chester, at 7pm where the location of the protest will be revealed.

Organiser and group spokesman Ian Charlesworth, 47, of Hawarden in Flintshire, said support for action against rising fuel prices was growing.

He said: “We have a major event planned and we want as many people as possible to support us. We have a lot of planned and unplanned action.

“We need to get the price of fuel down to a reasonable level. We accept that it is going to be over one pound. I would say realistically about 75 per cent of the country want the fuel price down.”

Action has already taken place outside of the Stanlow Oil Refinery in Ellesmere Port and more than 300 motorists and 150 vehicles took part with national attention from TV broadcasters BBC and Sky News.

Farmers, local and national hauliers, small distribution firms and families have all joined the fight.

Mr Charlesworth runs his own landscaping and maintenance firm and said he had
already had to lay off staff.

He said: “We have got a regular turnout of 60 to 70 people and about 20 to 30 vehicles. We are saying enough is enough. We will make the Government listen.”

The price of petrol, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, was £1.27 a litre in January, which the Office for National Statistics said was a record high. Prices have since hit more than £1.30 a litre.