AN underweight puppy who was rescued by a dog warden has been given a new home.

Morgan the lurcher was wandering around Hope before Capricorn Animal Rescue took him under its wing.

The 12-month-old – who was severely underweight – now has new owners after a mother and daughter fell in love with him when they visited the Padeswood shelter.

But owner Sheila Stewart says the number of abandoned pets has soared in recent weeks.

She told the Leader: “Morgan is a beautiful, loving dog who was brought in by the dog warden.

“You could feel every bone in his body. We had him for eight days and fed him three times a day and he was still only 20kg, when he should have been 33kg.

“We neutered him, vaccinated him and had him flea-treated. Then a wonderful lady and daughter came in to donate some clothes to our charity shop and fell in love with him.

“They walked him twice a day before they took him home.”

Coco the shih-tzu has also found happiness after a traumatic ordeal.

The three-year-old, who was thrown over a fence into the garden of an elderly lady, was adopted by a workman doing refurbishment at the shelter.

“Coco was dirty and matted and growled at everyone who went near her,” said Mrs Stewart.

“We had a gentleman laying some floors for us who had no intention of going away with a dog but he did.”

The charity is now appealing for new homes for two-year-old husky cross collies Sheba and Caesar who were found running loose in Leeswood.

Mrs Stewart said: “They were extremely thin and frightened and have not even been reported missing.”

Capricorn Animal Rescue rehomes hundreds of animals every year including cats, dogs, ferrets, parrots, rats, and lately a lot of guinea pigs.

“A lady turned up with 19 guinea pigs in a cardboard box,” said Mrs Stewart. “And shortly afterwards, a man turned up with 10 more.”

Mrs Stewart is urging pet owners to take more responsibility, especially as Easter approaches.

She said: “Pet shops and farm parks will be looking to sell lots of baby animals at Easter, but these cute and cuddly animals should not be bought on a whim.

“If you are considering buying a pet, you need to think about everything that pet ownership entails. Dogs, cats, rabbits should be inoculated every year and have regular health check up at the vets.

“You need to exercise, clean, feed and water them. Unwanted animals are queueing up to come in and it puts a terrible burden on sanctuaries.”

Mrs Stewart is appealing for donations, big or small. If you can help call her on 01244 547938 or visit