THE farmer responsible for a herd of cows slaughtered in public view has expressed concern for the children who witnessed it.

More than 30 Friesian cows were killed on Friday amid fears for their welfare after they escaped and were found wandering around the town.

John Pierce, of Ley Farm, Chirk, claims Wrexham Council, which led the decision to kill the animals, dealt with their escape very badly and believes the shooting should never have been carried out so close to Chirk Community Hospital where patients and children could see.

He said: “I have no civil words for the people who shot my animals.

“I’ve got two grandchildren at school in Chirk myself and the idea that any child should see such a thing makes me very angry.

“The poor youngsters who saw this must’ve been so traumatised.

“The need to shoot an animal is a very hard lesson to learn and for it to happen in this way is very sad.”

Mr Pierce claims the animals were healthy and believes the decision to shoot them was made simply to avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with them if they escaped again.

He now has one cow left, a calf named Molly.

Mr Pierce claimed he had to beg the council not to kill her and the only reason they spared her was because she had not escaped along with the rest of the herd.

He added: “They didn’t even tell me they were going to shoot the animals.
“The first I heard about it was when a friend called me up and told me.”

A spokesman for Wrexham County Borough Council said no further comment could be made at this time.

Meanwhile Susan Elan Jones MP has expressed her concerns about the incident to council leader Aled Roberts.

She said: “Several constituents have contacted me about the incident which caused considerable distress to those who witnessed it.

“I find it hard to understand why the cows could not have been rounded up and returned to their farms, instead of shot, especially in the full view of the public.

“I understand residents were given no advance warning of the shooting which happened in full view of patients in Chirk Community Hospital, who were naturally
extremely shocked and upset.

“I am very keen to establish exactly what happened here.

“We must ensure that lessons are learned from this and that any future incidents will be handled in a more sensitive and proportionate way.”