FANS settled their differences and came together with the common goal of supporting Wrexham Football Club on Saturday.

A group of about 200 supporters marched through the streets of Wrexham from The Wynnstay to The Racecourse to show their solidarity and commitment to the team ahead of their match against Rushden and Diamonds, despite the ongoing battle for ownership.

And, according to organiser Jamie Davies, more than 100 of the most dedicated fans stayed behind after the match and staged a sit-in protest.

Jamie said: “It was a real mix of people who came out in support and there were a lot of different ideas about who should be running the club.

“Some people are purely for Wrexham Supporters’ Trust, some want Stephanie Booth, some want a coalition of the two.

“But the one thing we’re all agreed on is our support for the club.

“We just want Dean Saunders and the players to know that no matter what is going on in the boardroom we are backing them 100 per cent.

“We are united behind the club and want the best for it.

“We just wanted to make our voices heard and that’s what we’ve done.”

Protesters of all ages carried Welsh flags and banners saying ‘Back the Booth’, ‘Save LL11 2AH’ the address which Jamie described as the “real home” of Wrexham FC, and ‘Wrexham will never die’, and sang songs of support.

As the group marched along High Street, through the town and along Mold Road to the stadium they were clearly buoyed by shouts and calls of support from many shoppers and bystanders.

Peter Jones, 61, of Hightown, was watching from the pavement.

He said: “Booth’s definitely got the club at heart, but I think it’s all about money for the owners.

“But at least Stephanie wants to help, she’s done more than her bit to show that.”

Speaking after the event, Jamie added: “Thank you to everyone who supported both the march and the sit in – you are all legends. This club won’t die.”