AN ELUSIVE artist nicknamed the ‘Flintshire Banksy’ has launched an exhibition of his work – but his identity remains shrouded in mystery.

The talented painter who goes by the name Random is showcasing 10 masterpieces from his collection at The Gallery, at Bluecoat Books, Chester.

This is the second time Random has shown his distinctive work at The Gallery, but staff say they still have no idea who he is.

Owner Kath McCue said: “It was very, very popular last time – we had one lady who came along and bought everything in the collection.

“We still don’t know who he is. Somebody came in to set it up on his behalf, but it wasn’t him.”

When asked how Random first made contact with The Gallery, she responded:
“That is a secret.”

The mystery artist first hit the headlines when his worked appeared on buildings and objects across Flintshire.

In recent months he has been focusing on workers from Flintshire’s traditional industries and his portraits have included The Salmon Fisherman, The Courtaulds’ Girls and the Merchant Seaman.

One of his muses was Vicky Perfect, from Flint, who made up one of five faces on the Courtaulds’ Girls image, installed on the old Courtaulds building on Greenfield Dock.

Vicky is one of the lucky few to have met Random.

She told the Leader at the time: “I think it’s best to keep him a mystery like the real Banksy.”

The latest exhibition, dubbed Places and Faces, includes for the first time his interpretation of famous buildings and places including Wood Street and Grand Central Hall in Liverpool.

Kath added: “We have got buildings now, they look lovely, but are still in the same distinctive style.

“The one of Wood Street in Liverpool in the rain looks great.

“I love his work – it’s brilliant. One of the main things I like about him is the fact he can really paint.

“There’s so much art these days that doesn’t involve skill.”

The exhibition, which runs until Saturday, April 2, also features a collection of photographs showing some of the ‘workers’ series which have appeared across Flintshire.