YOUNG people who filmed themselves racing supermarket trolleys in a shopping complex car park have been criticised by the centre’s manager.

A video showing two young men sitting in trolleys racing down the ramps between floors in the multi-storey car park at Eagles Meadow was posted on video sharing website YouTube.

In the 23-second clip, which was posted about a week ago, the two youngsters speed down to the bottom of the ramp in trolleys.

One of the youths in the footage falls out and hits his head on a signpost, rolling over onto the ground, narrowly missing a passing car.

The car park is owned by Eagles Meadow but leased out to parking management company Vinci.

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley said: “Although we don’t operate the car park, we would obviously condemn this foolishness by the youngsters concerned and would urge them not to do it again. It was lucky that nobody appears to have been hurt this time.

He added: “It’s very dangerous. We’re not going to prosecute them. We just want to get the message across that they could injure themselves or other people.

“Somebody may get hurt and we don’t want that to happen to anyone so please don’t do it.”

Wrexham Town Inspector Alex Goss said North Wales Police had not had any complaints about trolley racing.

He said: “We are not aware of this issue but if we were to hear complaints and they were reported to us we would take them very seriously.”

Smithfield councillor Keith Gregory added: “It’s very dangerous both to car park users and themselves, it seems a mad thing to do.”

A spokesman for Vinci, the parking management company who lease the car park from Eagles Meadow, said he was investigating the situation.