AN ANNOUNCEMENT on the preferred bid to take over Wrexham FC could be made as early as the weekend.

Hotelier Stephanie Booth is heading one of the community-based groups and met with the club’s current owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts yesterday.

A second application is being made by the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST), whose board members are due to put their case forward to the owners today.

Mrs Booth said she understood a decision on preferred bidder status would be made in the next few days and could be announced shortly before Wrexham’s home match on Saturday. Describing yesterday’s meeting, Mrs Booth said: “Our case was put forward to Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts. They listened and asked questions.

“It will be the same process for the WST. I have had no indication on what their thoughts were. We shall have to wait and see the outcome.”

Mrs Booth said she had nothing to add to remarks earlier in the week suggesting she could walk away from the deal due to some of the abuse she was suffering.

Meanwhile, WST has announced Lindsay Jones has resigned as a board member.

The decision was said to be due to “intolerable pressure placed on him in the electronic media over the weekend”. The trust has thanked Mr Jones for his years of hard work devoted to the club and WST. In his letter of resignation, Mr Jones writes: “I have been proud to sit on this board and have the utmost respect for the work undertaken by my colleagues in what have been very difficult circumstances.

“The events of the past few days have made my presence central to the story of the WST bid and this is not a place I feel comfortable in.

“The future of the club is the thing and not the nature of the various personalities involved.

“It has caused distress to my family and it is also clear to me this shabby and co-ordinated campaign to discredit me will not end. My resignation makes it easier for me to deal with this nonsense.

“I remain fully committed to the ideal of the supporters trust and am totally supportive of the work currently being undertaken by the society board.

“Without wishing to pile extra pressure on the society board I also believe that it is now or never for our club. We will never have a better opportunity to secure the club’s future.

On Monday, the Leader asked Geoff Moss about arrangements for the announcement of preferred bidder status. At that stage he said the details had yet to be finalised.