A TV producer from Wrexham is joining forces with a Welsh-speaking drag queen for an irreverent St David’s Day quest.

Tina Sparkle will be spreading her stardust on a new S4C game show which will nominate a new 21st century patron saint for Wales.

The show, Dot Cym, will be broadcast following a documentary about Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr.

And Tina will be the first ever drag queen to star on the Welsh language channel.

Chaired by former football commentator Ian Gwyn Hughes, it is the brainchild of Ceidiog Cyf, the TV production company set up by Nia Ceidiog in 1996.

Nia, a former pupil of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, explained: “It’s going to be a panel game about Wales and the Welsh which is full of laughs and with an historic and hysterical performance by the very glamorous Tina Sparkle.

“In one of the games we will get the panel’s verdict on how members of the public interpret Welsh words. In another the panel will have to identify which guest is actually a real relative of a very, very famous Welsh person.

“Another will have our teams creating new Welsh words from English and other languages - and Tina will decide whether they can be allowed into her new dictionary.

“Then, especially for St David’s Day, they will be asked to nominate a new patron saint for Wales.” The show will be the company’s first production from its new studio at Treforest.

Nia said: “I think it’s important we have some fun and not get too worried about what some people say about the Welsh.

“It’s important we promote ourselves and the Welsh language, but it’s also important we have some fun too.

“We hope this becomes a regular show.”

The half-hour show will be broadcast on S4C tonight at 10pm.