A FAMILY who endured a holiday from hell after being struck down by stomach bugs are fighting for justice in court.

Lisa and Paul Douglas took their four children on a two-week holiday to the Movenpick Resort Hotel in Taba, Egypt, in summer 2008 but were still suffering the consequences of their horrific ordeal until a few months ago.

The family from the Acton area of Wrexham are among a group of 127
holidaymakers taking their fight to the High Court, accusing the all-inclusive Movenpick resort and a number of travel companies including First Choice of negligence and breach of contract.

Unable to book accommodation at their chosen resort, the family were moved to a new hotel at a different resort but when Mr and Mrs Douglas researched the hotel on line at home they found nothing but complaints.

Lisa said: “We found loads of really horrible reviews. There wasn’t one good one.

“But we’d paid for it by then and couldn’t get a refund.

“When we got there the resort was beautiful but the food looked like slops, the swimming pool was filthy, the bottled water they gave us was out of date and the shower water was brown and smelt like sewage.”

By dinner the next day the couple’s youngest, who was seven at the time, was complaining of stomach ache.

And that night the entire family was struck down with severe vomiting and diarrhoea which left Lisa needing a drip.

“I can’t explain how awful it was,” she said.

“The hotel manager didn’t take us seriously at all, even though there were so many other guests falling ill, and said it was just normal holiday tummy but we later found out it had been going on for weeks.

“There were staff walking around with canulas in their arms.”

The family were unable to return home early and had to pay for treatment from the on-site doctor because the nearest hospital in Cairo was a five or six hour drive away.

And although the Douglases were eventually reimbursed, they could not get a refund for the day trips they had booked which included a £600 trip to Jerusalem.

Once home Lisa suffered stomach pains for a year and the youngest was visiting a consultant doctor until the end of 2010 as a result of the trip.

Now Lisa just wants some compensation for the misery the family had to endure.

She said: “It’s disgusting.

“The holiday companies should have done more to help us but once they had our money they didn’t want anything more to do with us, and they still don’t now.”

A spokesman for Peltours, one of the companies mentioned in a writ issued in the High Court in London, said: “We are looking at the case before we will comment.”