A PUB landlord has recalled the surreal night that the Beatles popped in for a drink.

The fab four had played a concert in Mold in 1963 when they stopped at The Talbot Hotel in Holywell for a post-gig tipple.

Former landlord Ian Brown, 18 at the time, was at the concert with his 17-year-old sister Moya when the pair invited John, Paul, George and Ringo back to the pub.

He has fondly rekindled his memories as this month marks 50 years since the Beatles played their debut gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Mr Brown said the group ate snack food and drank beer as John Lennon tinkled on the piano.

Ian, 66, who now lives in Connah’s Quay, said: “My sister Moya was friends with the tour manager for Gerry and the Pacemakers who were well acquainted with the Beatles.

“After the concert she persuaded them to come back to the pub for a drink. We took a couple of cars from Mold up to Holywell and I jumped in with Paul McCartney to show him the way.

“I was a really big fan so it was quite daunting.”

But the party encountered a hitch when they made it to the Well Street pub.

“It was quite late so the pub was closed up,” said Ian.

“We knocked on the door and my dad, John, answered. I told him he had to let us in because the Beatles were here, and he said ‘I don’t care who they are, they’re not coming in.’

“But we twisted his arm in the end. They were very nice chaps. I remember that it was winter time and they were wearing leather gloves and scarves.

“We were all eating sandwiches and John Lennon was playing a tune on the upright piano.

“I thought it was a bit of a laugh at the time. Now when I see them on television, I tell everyone the story.”

Their concert in Mold was one of a string in North Wales that was instrumental in their rise to fame.

Their tour began at the Regent Dansette Ballroom, Rhyl, in July 1962 where the band took in the funfair on the day of the gig.

By the time of their appearance at The Royal Lido Ballroom, Prestatyn, in November 1962, the Beatles were being paid £30 and demanded a rider of jam sandwiches before taking to the stage.

Two hundred fans packed the Assembly Hall, Mold, in January 1963 following the release of their second single, Please Please Me.

Beatlemania was in full swing when they stormed the Ritz Ballroom, Rhyl, in July 1963, and in August at the Odeon Cinema, Llandudno.

Musician Peter Carmichael and his band The Charters were regulars at The Talbot Hotel and says their visit was the “talk of the town.”

“The Beatles were on the brink of fame but everyone knew their name,” said Peter, from Caerwys.

“The punters were so sorry they had missed them. Everyone was talking about it the next day.”