PEOPLE power holds the key to the future of Wrexham FC.

That is the message from hotelier Stephanie Booth, who is set to galvanise a bid to run the club as a shared community concern.

Mrs Booth said she was prepared to help spearhead plans for supporters to buy the Reds from owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts.

As the Leader reported yesterday, a Facebook page has been set up, urging Mrs Booth to purchase Wrexham FC. So far more than 1,100 people have joining the online group.

Speaking about the latest developments, Mrs Booth said: “The more fans band together, the more likely they are to do the deal.

“Just remember that people power can be a real force for change – you have seen it work in Egypt, now let us make it happen in Wrexham

“I am not looking at this as being one person having sole ownership at all, quite the opposite. I think that would be a bad thing. A football club is a community asset.

" I would want the fans to own shares and the more we have the better.

“It would be run along the lines of a charitable organisation.”

Mrs Booth said an important part of raising revenue was to make fuller use of assets such as the Racecourse.

She said: “If you were an airline company, you wouldn’t just keep an aeroplane on the tarmac most of the time and only fly once a fortnight.

“The stadium could be a multi-purpose venue for attractions such as shows, conferences and concerts.”

Cllr Phil Wynn is one of the organisers of a fans’ consortium being set up in an attempt to buy Wrexham FC.

On Mrs Booth’s interest, he said: “I welcome it and want as many people as possible who care about the club to get involved.

“I have had initial talks with Mrs Booth’s representatives and a meeting is being arranged to discuss things fuller. We will take it from there.”

Cllr Wynn has issued an appeal to find six Wrexham fans who are prepared to invest £50,000 each as part of the consortium bid.

He also welcomes contact from others who could offer smaller sums of money.

Meanwhile, Geoff Moss has reassured fans Wrexham FC does not face imminent administration or liquidation.

The club’s co-owner was countering claims in another newspaper that there were seven days to save the Dragons.

A statement on the club website said: “The club continues to operate and everyone is right behind the team’s bid for promotion into the Football League.

“With vital games facing Wrexham in the next few weeks, including a crucial home match against Forest Green on March 5, and the club owners expressing a preference to sell to a fan-based consortium, the club need to build on the positives on and off the field in the last few days.

“Unfounded suggestions that the club faces imminent administration or worse potentially destablise the club at a key part of the season.”

The statement continues with Mr Moss commenting: “Like any business or football club we face a monthly payroll and we have trade creditors as well as debtors to be fair. Every month I have financially supported the club.

“After Saturday’s demonstration by the fans we have got the message they want fellow owner Ian Roberts and me out.

“We are acting as quickly as we can.

“Obviously with my decision to stand down it is clear I will not continue to fund the club.

“We have been open with potential purchasers that investment needs to be made in the short term, in particular to fund the playing squad we assembled to make that push for promotion. But that is standard with any takeover.

“Big gates at the next few games will boost the players on the field and will financially assist any incoming owner.”