WANTED: six fans with £50,000 each to support a community bid to take over Wrexham FC.

That is the urgent appeal from the supporters’ consortium currently leading the race to buy the club.

One of the driving forces behind the bid is county councillor Phil Wynn, who says time is desperately short if the deal is to go ahead.

He said he had been in talks with Reds owner Geoff Moss for a couple of days and was hopeful an agreement could be reached.

But he said the club is facing a projected financial shortfall of £300,000 between now and the end of the season and that the consortium will need to find funds to fill the gap.

Cllr Wynn said an accountant is currently studying Wrexham’s books.

He added: “We need to get as many people and organisations on board as possible and all rowing together in the same direction for this to work.

“I have already had a number of people expressing interest.”

Cllr Wynn stressed it was important that fans turn out during the Reds’ promotion push to boost takings at the turnstiles.

Consortium organisers are also looking for other fans who can offer further investment funds.

Commenting on the latest takeover developments and the fans’ protest at Saturday’s home game, Mr Moss said: “It is obvious I don’t want to carry on.

“It is urgent that money is put together quickly.

“Some of the scenes at the ground were disgraceful. There have been threats made involving my family and these types of calls are made to my phone at all hours of the day and night.”

When asked about accusations he was asset-stripping Wrexham FC, Mr Moss said: “That is ridiculous. How can it be asset stripping if we still have ownership of
an asset?

“Banks won’t lend to a loss-making football club but they may be prepared to provide a loan to a stadium company.

“However, we are past that now. We just want out of the club and as soon as possible.”

A statement posted on the club’s website yesterday confirmed talks were ongoing with a fans-led consortium.

It said: “This has been led by Cllr Phil Wynn with McLintocks Accountants carrying out a degree of due diligence.

“The consortium is looking for fans to purchase shares, along with five or six main benefactors to invest in the region of £50,000 each.

“If supporters would like to declare an interest they should email shares@wrexhamfc.tv and we will forward those emails.

“Due to recent events this matter has taken on a degree of urgency.”

Businessman Stephen Cleeve, who had been in the running to buy the club, said yesterday: “I never say never, but I think I am probably out of it. I have spent a lot of my own money, around £15,000, on this. The goal posts seem to keep on moving.

“I think the fans’ consortium is a good idea in theory, but can it work in practice?

“If they have the money needed good luck to them. I had budgeted for a loss of £1 million in year one.”