A COMMUNITY project is bringing Jurassic Park to Caia Park in a drive to boost care for the environment.

The Kingsley Circle Community Centre is hosting a fun day of activities and tree planting which will create a new wildlife corridor and increase the biodiversity of the area.

Wrexham Council, Cllr Ronnie Prince and the centre’s management committee are teaming up to plant 51 semi-mature trees including nine Scots Pines, a tree which
survived the Ice Age and was around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

And it is this connection to the Jurassic era which Cllr Prince, of the Cartrefle ward, hopes will spark the interest of Caia Park’s youngsters.

He said: “We’re hoping this will be a really good day for the area and the Jurassic Park theme will create some excitement for the children and get them using their imaginations.

“If we can get people to be passionate about the environment at a young age they’re more likely to look after it as they get older.

“One of the children even asked me if we could get some dinosaur DNA so we can bring them back to Caia Park as well.”

The move is going ahead despite concerns raised in November by members of Caia Park Residents Association, who feared new trees would spark security problems by providing a haven for drug users and other criminals.

But Cllr Prince believes the project will benefit the community and get everyone more involved in looking after their environment.

He said: “Trees are very important to a community and it’s great to finally start planting.

“We used to have a whole wood of Scots Pines in Caia Park, but now we’ve only got one left which is a real shame.”

The event begins at 10am today and visitors will be able to go on board an educational bus and enter a competition for the best drawing of a dinosaur.

Caia Park Community Safety Group action day also takes place today. The police and fire service will be on hand to offer advice to the public.

For more information call Cllr Prince on 01978 362749.