A BUSINESSMAN has hit out at those responsible for dumping piles of rubbish close to his company.

Derek Whatling is becoming extremely embarrassed by the amount of litter international visitors see when they approach tsaADVET Ltd on Factory Road, Sandycroft.

Company director Mr Whatling said the problem had escalated since he moved into the premises last September.

He said: “It looks clear to me this rubbish has been deliberately thrown there, with no regard shown for the harm that is being caused.

“We have customers visiting from abroad and I always feel embarrassed by the mess. It has got to the stage now that we are making sure they are driven a different way in so they don’t see just how bad it is.”

The area where the rubbish has piled up is not occupied by residents but Mr Whatling, 66, said it is frequently used by lorry drivers who make deliveries to companies in the area.

He believes some of the culprits leaving behind the rubbish are lorry drivers, with items including filled urine bottles found lying around.

He added: “Things have just been chucked onto the side of the road and allowed to pile up.

“I don’t believe Flintshire County Council has tackled the issue well enough. They should at least be providing bins here.”

Mr Whatling said he would be supportive of plans to create new lorry parks in the Flintshire area if it helped ease the problems.

There is an application currently in place for a development on Deeside Industrial Estate.

Queensferry Cllr David Wisinger, said he had received complaints about the issue.

He said: “I am concerned to hear about this, there are obvious health and safety risks in place.

“If anyone has concerns about rubbish piling up I would urge them to contact the council and myself as soon as possible to allow the matter to be resolved.”

Steve Jones, Flintshire’s head of Streetscene, said: "The site is not on one of the council's regular litter clearing routes.

“However, the site has been inspected recently and it has been noted that there is a small amount of litter that requires removal, which will be done before the weekend.

“The site will be monitored over the next few months to gauge the level of litter being dropped to see if the installation of a litter bin is appropriate in the longer term.”