A MAN who wrote ‘Ku Klux Klan’ on a front door and covered it in human excrement has been jailed.

Michael James Edwards, 52, received two months in prison when he appeared at Flintshire Magistrates’ Court.

The Mold court heard there were also other words of an offensive and racist nature on the door.

Edwards, of Wepre Park, Connah’s Quay, said he had written the racist words in felt-tip pen and the excrement was rubbed on the side of the door.

He claimed he had arranged to stay at the man’s flat, could not get in, remained on the doorstep all night and did what he did as a “bit of banter”.

In the morning, he realised how serious it was and was intending to clean it up but was arrested before he could do so.

The prosecution did not accept his claim to be staying at the property that night.

Edwards admitted racially aggravated damage and a separate charge of stealing a bicycle worth £500.

District Judge Andrew Shaw said the racist element of the offence meant only custody was justified.

The court heard the victim, 27, was shocked and hurt by what he found written on the communal door of his Shotton flat.

He was so concerned, particularly as children lived in the same block, that he set about cleaning it all up himself.

Robert Blakemore, prosecuting, said the man told in a victim impact statement how he had been subject to racist abuse for as long as he could remember. He suffered from low self-esteem and was on anti-depressants because of it.

He had only just moved into the area to try to get away from such racist abuse. The victim said he had been trying to take control of his life but the incident had made him feel physically sick.

The court heard Edwards lived with his mother, who was away for a few days in Italy, he did not have a key to get in and had arranged to stay with the complainant.

He said he had stayed there the night before the incident and had agreed to stay that night as well, but could not get in.

He had thrown pebbles at the window and knocked on the door and could hear music inside. Police officers attended at one stage to check what he was doing.

It was raining, he was freezing and only wearing a T-shirt, he was fed up and became desperate.

Edwards had stayed on the doorstep all night until 8am when a friend passed and said he could go to his home to shower and warm up, the court heard.

He said he was ashamed and sorry for the upset he had caused the victim.

Brian Cross, defending, said Edwards had mental health and other issues in his life and needed support.